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Why does nothing change? Because change is hard and uncomfortable, and it reflects in the animation quality of foamy throughout the years.

Love the jokes. I've been conditioned by modern media to consume quick-fire content so I like the pacing of this better than your previous submission. Well done!

Omg egoraptor clone. Boooo! Nah, that was awesome.

jk. A clone is still a clone and self deprecation won't save it.

Spazkid responds:

dang, it was worth a try.

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This is fun but without a score chart, there's no motivation to continue past a couple of tries. This game may do well on an app store.

HEAT9 responds:

AFAIK there is no scoreboard API for NG, so unfortunately I cant do much about that...

This game reminds me of the time when I smashed farm animals for a living. At a KFC chicken farm. If you're wondering, yes that's me you saw in the PETA videos.

Fun concept with smooth mechanics and controls. I like the refinement put in to enable punching the rows behind when the front row isn't fully cleared. Nice touch with the scoreboard. Hope to see more.

whileworking responds:

Hah, you are that animal puncher! This game isn't supposed to encourage smashing any kind of animal... but I'm glad you like it. :)

I did it.

At first, this looks like a copy-paste game from unknown flash games publishers... which I play a lot for easy medals.

And it certainly looked like that for the first couple levels, until the hardcore levels kicked in. The sudden jump in difficulty took me by surprise - a pleasant surprise because I totally dig it. For years I've been subject to mind-numbingingly games which gets easier and easier.

This brought the memory of fun flash games back to the front of my mind, and when I actually had to try to win flash games. Good times.

Apart from the skill challenge, everything looks and sounds good. Not the best, but good. I enjoyed this game.

ozdy responds:

Thank you, inspiration is taken from a recent mobile game, not Flash (Rovio's Retry), but the controls in mine are much easier and levels and mechanics are different. Fly Again certainly is a lot less rage-inducing and infinitely less requiring InAppPurchases :)

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Pretty sweet and relaxing.

Sweet improv dude! Good track to chill out to.

You're very good technically, but the whole track sounds like an intro.

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Very arty I like it.

Awwww so adorable!

Cool! I like Pink Guy! Where is his other foot tho?

ZippyArt responds:

Thanks! The reference I was using for this piece didn't have his left foot in shot, and this was far enough ago that I wasn't anywhere near ready to try and attempt a foot from imagination at that angle. I'm more confident with them now than back then.

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