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This is fun but without a score chart, there's no motivation to continue past a couple of tries. This game may do well on an app store.

HEAT9 responds:

AFAIK there is no scoreboard API for NG, so unfortunately I cant do much about that...

This game reminds me of the time when I smashed farm animals for a living. At a KFC chicken farm. If you're wondering, yes that's me you saw in the PETA videos.

Fun concept with smooth mechanics and controls. I like the refinement put in to enable punching the rows behind when the front row isn't fully cleared. Nice touch with the scoreboard. Hope to see more.

whileworking responds:

Hah, you are that animal puncher! This game isn't supposed to encourage smashing any kind of animal... but I'm glad you like it. :)

I did it.

At first, this looks like a copy-paste game from unknown flash games publishers... which I play a lot for easy medals.

And it certainly looked like that for the first couple levels, until the hardcore levels kicked in. The sudden jump in difficulty took me by surprise - a pleasant surprise because I totally dig it. For years I've been subject to mind-numbingingly games which gets easier and easier.

This brought the memory of fun flash games back to the front of my mind, and when I actually had to try to win flash games. Good times.

Apart from the skill challenge, everything looks and sounds good. Not the best, but good. I enjoyed this game.

ozdy responds:

Thank you, inspiration is taken from a recent mobile game, not Flash (Rovio's Retry), but the controls in mine are much easier and levels and mechanics are different. Fly Again certainly is a lot less rage-inducing and infinitely less requiring InAppPurchases :)

Create a mechanic and push its limits - that's what I love about game and level design, something this game does an excellent job at.

Although fitting, the music could use some variation. I like the animations of spawn/level end, and the way the character respawns.

The game gets exciting after the spawn rates are maxed out. Recovery and immunity become the best upgrades - and upgrading 2x and magnet actually makes survival harder. The main problem is the ridiculous grind missions such as "don't get hit for (mlevel * 5) seconds", and "collect mlevel amount of powerups".

"Click to continue" is a nice touch, but having to pause to look at the mission? There has to be a better place for mission info. Some weird bugs such as music not looping, and loss of progress when returning to menu.

Altering scoring at this point will completely wreck the scoreboard, so it's really up to you whether you want to fix these. Alien Defender is very well designed. This, not so much.

Perhaps an additional game mode focusing on survival/avoidance? Max spawn rate, 10 max health, -1 per hit, +1 every 2/3 seconds. Could be interesting. Maybe make the survival stage scale infinitely so that you can actually lose.

Very fun. Difficulty is maintained through the levels, and upgrades are meaningful. The graphics are a little inconsistent and bland, but it's easy to tell apart different enemy types which is good. The constant firing sfx should be made softer; I couldn't hear any music past the first few levels.

The loss of control right after exiting the upgrades menu breaks the flow a little. The game becomes laggy during later stages of the game. Try blitting the graphics in the future.

This could have so much depth if each race's ships had slightly different stats. Good work nonetheless, it's pretty fun but after finishing human mission 3, one could expect everything else to be the same. Multi-player support is a nice touch.

Weak game design

This game is a pain in the ass. I would have closed the damn tab 2 minutes in if it weren't for the medals.

Everything from this game is pissing me off. The music, the annoying servo I'm controlling, the decreasing seeker sensitivity, the faint seeker spawn indication, the confusing star spawn indication, an inaccessible pause button, the decreasing health regeneration... etc.

It is challenging, but also damn frustrating to play, unenjoyable, and I think the replay value is tossed somewhere behind the background.


An hour of boredom and frustration. Slow wave intervals in the earlier levels, draggy never-ending waves in the later levels. Laggy shooting handling.

Also, revise level 29. Took a heck of a long time.


The character slides on everything, and combined with the unstable sliding speed, it's difficult to enjoy the game. The levels aren't hard, but the mechanics needs refining.

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