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Why does nothing change? Because change is hard and uncomfortable, and it reflects in the animation quality of foamy throughout the years.

Love the jokes. I've been conditioned by modern media to consume quick-fire content so I like the pacing of this better than your previous submission. Well done!

Omg egoraptor clone. Boooo! Nah, that was awesome.

jk. A clone is still a clone and self deprecation won't save it.

Spazkid responds:

dang, it was worth a try.


Animation is great, especially the light reflection effect. Although there are several portions where tweening made the animation unnatural, the tweens are cleverly used. Voices sound experienced, and conveyed their feelings perfectly.

However, the objective of this animation is not quite met. The humor is average. There are several stale portions and some parts are more suspense than funny.

Can be improvement

Is nice. Meaning good and is touching very.

Unfortunately animation no sync withe sound. Not many to see also. Nice music anyway. Chong!

You must construct additional pylons.

The purpose of trolls is to piss people(like you) off. You can choose to ignore said idiot if you're open minded, but judging from this rant alone I know you must engage in a zealous argument with a newb. Which in this case also males yourself one of them.

Newgrounds is for flash. There are many video sites out there which you can whore your rants. Moreover, 'nerd rage' humor isn't my type.

Your walls look ugly.

Whining about losing on a video game is really pathetic. I'll leave you to figure that out yourself.

Your concept of the 'Flash Portal' is twisted. Newgrounds features flash content, whereas Youtube is where all the videos go.


Fun modern/mythical mix. Animation flows to music seamlessly. Characters develop fast, enough to create drama in a short while.

The first person view gives a boost to the 'feel'. Very nicely animated. Job well done.

Also celebrating 1 year anniversary for this movie!

FleckoGold responds:

Huh...it really has been a year...now I feel bad for not submitting anything in that time...damn.

A good attempt.

It's really a waste that it was a "first come, first serve" system, which gave weaker submissions a space that could be filled with better pictures.

There are good pictures, and there are bad ones. 2 of my submissions got in, one of them that was meant to be a funny sync with another picture which failed. I admit mine aren't one of the better, but I'm sure I have improved since.

Scrolling could be better if easing was used. Good music choice, good preloader. Good collab.

SirNightOwl responds:

I see your point, but the first come first serve system was to make it a community project, but alas it did end with some undesirable piccies.

Good job on the improvements, if we ever do it again we'll shout ya ;D

Much love

Look no furthur!

Haven't been "Wow"ed by a sprite movie for months? Remember saying "I regret watching this"?

Say goodbye to those as this short keeps your eyelids peeled.

Coincidentally, this is the only part of the Matrix movie I watched at all, and I'm impressed by the whole editting King Of Fighters sprites touch. There's a fair amount of fresh moves, and constant advances of clone Smith keeps the suspense through the whole short. Major commends goes to the rotating scene (09) too.

Though impressive in terms of art and concept, the arcade type view could get boring after some time. Some sprites don't look realistic (flying leg spin), and some moments are off from the original clip sound. Also, did the clones disappear when they're beaten, or are there just no traces? I don't know.

Still, a must watch for all visitors. Worth a 7.3mb load wait.

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