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Pretty sweet and relaxing.

Sweet improv dude! Good track to chill out to.

You're very good technically, but the whole track sounds like an intro.

Nice heavy kicks, but I think you chose the wrong lead synths. They sound stiff.

Berkebus responds:

I think that mostly has to do with how easy the melody is of this piece. The synths cover up a very small part of the piano compared to anything else i've made. I mostly chose to do so because the rhythm hardly allowed for adding complicated melodies. I tried but it didn't sound as well as I had hoped, so I sticked to what would be the ending of the song as the most impressive, while keeping the synths in the start relatively simple.

That loud, high-pitched screeching annoyed me so much I can't enjoy the rest of the track. Each section sounds so similar to the previous, and the repetitive parts dragged on so long that after listening to the whole song I can't remember a single melody. It's like having a trumpet beside you blasting a single pitch while you're watching a concert.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

+1 unsatisfied customer
Melody: Doot Doot, Deeeeeee Deeeeeeeet
Circumstances aside, I agree it is not diverse, could be better, and does get annoying for those with low tolerance for repetition.
Not everyone is a fan of the Ballade of the Trumpette
Please excuse my amateur practices

Very well thought out track. I love it when no instrument is looping in the background, the music sounds more alive. Although the singing wasn't bad, it could sound much better, so all the best.

Adam-Beilgard responds:

Yeah, I don't know what's worse, the mixing or my singing - but I'm working on both. I like through-composed music, too; looping is the devil!

Thanks for the review!

1:08 onward destroyed what could have been an excellent track. Excellent job spitting on the funk genre with dubstep.

That said, the rest of the track is excellent jazz. Professional I'd say.

jpbear responds:


The individual melodies are sweet, but overlapping them this way is horrible. It's a mess. Bass is a powerful instrument, don't neglect it.

Realmguys responds:

Thanks for the advice, but this was written about 7 years ago. I definitely know what can be improved on hehe :P.

Excerpts patched together, it sounds like a live solo performance, except each section is as boring as the last. Nothing that gives a lasting memory.

BiviZ responds:

Yeah, u're right :C

Good work with the fx and transitions. The piano solo would be great if it was a little bit louder.

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