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Very arty I like it.

Awwww so adorable!

Cool! I like Pink Guy! Where is his other foot tho?

ZippyArt responds:

Thanks! The reference I was using for this piece didn't have his left foot in shot, and this was far enough ago that I wasn't anywhere near ready to try and attempt a foot from imagination at that angle. I'm more confident with them now than back then.

Very unique combination of themes! Kind of reminds me of Junji Ito's creatures.

CobaltRogueX responds:

Absolutely love Ito! Thank you. :)

A high quality piece of work depicting a classy and confident urban woman. Her casual, elegant outfit contrasts against a sleek pink background, exuding a light-hearted mood.

Outline color selection and shading are perfect, especially on her top. Her hair swirls into a nice smooth bun, and of course that expression is on point! ;)

Keep up the good work!~ ♡

Hot tea in a cold night. Careful, that bottle doesn't have a handle.
What magic does this tea contain? (Age reversal? Let me at it!)

The reflections from the glass are especially well done. Love the smoke too. Beautiful...

Totty responds:

thank you jin, thoughtful review :)!

I saw this on reddit first, then I saw it here, then went back to check who stole your gif but it was you on reddit wooooah well done

Wegra yu have made it in life.

Wegra responds:

It would appears I have

Clearly someone has went overboard with vectors and shapes. There isn't enough space for the artist to compensate the simple shapes with details, leaving the left and right sides unbalanced in complexity. It almost seems like there has been a change in artist halfway.

Due to the lack of detail - possibly forced to give up for style - the drawing doesn't give me the feeling of seclusion/isolation I'm supposed to feel.

Looks like the work of a schizophrenic. Drawn with certain skill and quality, though staying within the artist's comfort zone. As usual, with images like these it's hard to know whether level of detail and imperfections are intended as a style by the artist. It's a fun picture to look at, though it's unfortunate I couldn't apprehend the picture's meaning.

If there's one thing I'd improve with this drawing, that would be the shading, especially on the larger arm.

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